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“Coffee drinkers can be a finicky crowd, but baristas are trained
to handle each special request as though it were the norm”

The training is the first phase to step in any field. We believe to train everyone in customer service standards for both internal&external audiences, the art of sales and service focused on matching the needs and expectations of the customer. We believe to show employees how to put their training to work in everything they do. Demonstrate customer relationship management techniques.Each person needs to understand his individual role in helping the organization achive its desired outcome everyday. We believe to provide the staff professional papers to keep it in their book of minds.To provide them a high class training moments that will help them to move forward professionally.Our training classes can provide more to the staff above from expectations. A properly trained barista will lead to increased customer satisfaction, increased sales and ultimately save your money.Our motive is to provide necessary technical skills to make perfect coffee and espresso beverage.
I personally believe that “We are not in the coffee buisness serving people, but in the people buisness serving coffee. “

Faisal Mushtaq
Training Manager

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